About Sequoia Applied Technologies | Software Solutions for IoT, Networking, Cloud & Mobile
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What We Do;

About Sequoia

Who We Are

The team behind Sequoia Applied Technologies is as everlasting as the tree from which its name derives – you can count on our work to outlive your needs just as you know a Sequoia tree will continue to live for centuries. Our engineers passionately strive to create strong relationships with you and build your products to perfection. Our team refuse to limit their expectations for you, promising to meet your goals with candor and complete precision.

Leadership Fostered by All

Each of our team resembles a Sequoia – leading with greatness and longevity. All of us work in unity, surpassing customer expectations and overcoming obstacles that prevent companies from reaching their pure potential. Together, we masterfully make Sequoia Applied Technologies a wonderful workplace.
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Sequoia & Society

Sequoia Applied Technologies challenges itself to remain socially responsible by strengthening ties in, and sustainably developing, society's communities. We encourage team members to donate monetarily to the causes they support, and match those donations to eligible non-profits dollar-for-dollar.