Device driver development at SequoiaAT covers a broad spectrum of specialized software interfaces tailored for various hardware components. Here's a brief on our expertise:

Kernal-mode Drivers

At SequoiaAT, we craft drivers that operate at the system's core level, with direct access to system internals, including HAL and VxD.

User-mode Drivers

Our team develops user mode drivers that enhance system stability, especially for USB devices.

Bus Drivers

We ensure seamless communication between the OS and devices on system buses like USB and PCI.

File System Drivers

SequoiaAT excels in managing operations across different file systems such as FAT and NTFS.

Network Drivers

Our expertise facilitates connections with various network interfaces, from Ethernet to Wi-Fi.

Display Drivers

We bridge the gap between the OS and graphics hardware, ensuring vibrant visuals.

Printer Drivers

SequoiaAT optimizes communication between the OS and printers, ensuring precise translations of output commands.

Audio Drivers

Our team ensures impeccable audio playback and recording, serving as a bridge between the OS and sound devices.