Firmware development, a critical domain at SequoiaAT, involves creating specialized software embedded directly within hardware devices. This foundational layer ensures hardware components interact efficiently and reliably. At SequoiaAT, we delve into various facets of firmware development:

Embedded Firmware

We design embedded software ensuring electronic devices operate seamlessly, optimizing user experience.

System-on-Chip (SoC) Firmware

Our team crafts integrated solutions for complex circuits, merging multiple computer components on a single chip, enhancing efficiency.

Communication Protocols

SequoiaAT specializes in firmware that facilitates device-to-device communication, ensuring robust data transfer and interoperability.

RTOS-based Firmware

We provide solutions based on Real-Time Operating Systems, guaranteeing responsive and predictable device behaviors.


Our experts design initial code sequences that run before the OS, ensuring secure and streamlined device startups.

Wireless Device Firmware

With the rise of IoT, SequoiaAT excels in developing firmware for wireless modules, promoting seamless connectivity.