About Sequoia Applied Technologies | Software Solutions for IoT, Networking, Cloud & Mobile
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What We Do;

What We do

We transform your ideas into reality

Our range of software development capabilities rival none. Our passions include Embedded Programming, Driver Development, Cloud Programming, Mobile Applications and, we build them with inspiration. Any technology, such as Node.js, C#, PHP or RoR, is a road towards your dream. Using data analytics, user experiences and cutting-edge software development, we enable thrilling digital experiences for your corporation. .


We build real-time mission critical applications – from hardware to middleware to the application layer of a device. We also capably develop OS Kernel Optimization, embedded firmware, drivers and BSP for multiple OSes, configure porting, etc., on a variety of microprocessors/controllers, including ARM, MIPS and x86 . These skills, coupled with our ability to do user experience design and cloud and mobile engineering, enable us to provide end-to-end services for new device development.

Mobile Applications

Not only does Sequoia Applied Technologies has top coders, we also employ a team who understands the many aspects of mobile development, such as user-experience, design, performance and security. We focus on simplicity and design. Enterprise mobile apps extend legacy applications and databases, managing complex multiple data sources and devices. In addition, our native app development proficiency works with all smart phone platforms and we also can integrate technologies and features such as near field communication, gaming, augmented reality (AR) and audio/video streaming into mobile apps.
Mobile Application

Cloud Applications

Planning on reengineering or building a new application ?

Our architects will help you choose the right technology and implement it for you – be it AWS, Azure, Software or Google Cloud. We strive to reduce the time taken to market, from ideation to a full featured product. We can also help you migrate your exisiting application to cloud platform as enterprises are increasingly becoming reliant on Cloud technologies. At Sequoia, we walk you through this transition, working together.

Application Programming

Sequoia realizes that every business’ needs are unique, and that, sometimes, its existing applications does not meet today’s needs. Our team works with you to implement software designed, tested, developed and updated for your specific needs. We examine the whole product lifecycle and can add value during any stage of it. We also work on multiple technologies, including, but not limited to, C, C#, Java, PHP, Python, RoR, GO, etc.

Network Programming

With Networking as the backbone of the new world, the Sequoia team works in wired and wireless domains. We provide design services for L2/L3 protocol stacks, Device Management and Network Management Solutions. Also, our labs offer incubating competencies in SDN, SDS, NFV and DPDK. Therefore, our engineering services range from design and development to long term product sustenance.