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Life still goes on… A sneak peek to the world of Industrial IoT in the post-COVID

We know that the world is in chaos due to the so-called uncontrollable pandemic-COVID-19. It has brought changes to both our personal and professional life in many ways. However, we should acknowledge the fact that this has accelerated the digital transformation of enterprises. Thanks to the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT). This will rewrite the future of today’s companies forever!

Although few companies have been at the forefront of adopting and implementing IoT solutions and AI for their enterprises, Covid-19 has put these technologies to stress test.

Companies that were an early adopter of IoT in the manufacturing field were able to run at lower capacity but still were more productive than the others because their machines could generate data to monitor the performance and longevity of the same. This also enabled the factories to run more efficiently with fewer human resources. Our customers in the Industrial IOT space are seeing an increase in demand for adoption and implementation of their IoT platforms.

Organizations that want to offer a better and safer customer experience with contactless interaction, will adopt IoT faster even if the products are in the beta stage. The supply chain industry will change significantly in the post-COVID world by implementing solutions like delivery robots, drones, and contactless payment options too.

Hats off to companies such as meshek{76}, which is into smart, autonomous farming and precision agriculture, have placed themselves well in advance to cope up with the post COVID scenario. The autonomous robotic system for growing and picking crops without human intervention helps to avoid the contamination of the same while they are being distributed to the market place.

Public utilities are accelerating the adoption of smart metering solutions as they want to reduce the need for maintenance and monitoring professionals with regards to their safety

Even the regular working environment in the workplace is going to be a different one in the post-COVID times. You may see a touchless sanitation facility. The facility managers or the employees could track whether the toilets are cleaned /sanitized regularly with the IoT enabled cleaning equipment that has sensors attached to them that keeps a record of the number of times they are being used.

IoT technology may also be adopted by facility managers to monitor the restroom supplies such as hand soaps’ levels or the number of paper towels/ toilet papers and hence limit the number of unwanted trips made by employees to check on this.

The bottom line, the list of applications of IIoT goes on. It has now become the top priority for every company to prepare for a post-COVID world. We at SequoiaAT make this happen for you by implementing real-time solutions with smart technologies. Check out our customer stories to know more about our IIoT applications.

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