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Why You Should Consider Building Your Next Mobile App With React Native

In this digital era, all users expect instant information and most businesses want to create better mobile app experiences to their users. There are numerous mobile app development frameworks like Xamarin, Flutter, Ionic, Titanium, etc. and React Native is one of them.

Evidently, when it comes down to picking, entrepreneurs usually tend to have a soft spot to React Native. Many famous companies are already using this framework which have proven to be successful. Tech giants such as Instagram, Vogue, Tesla, UberEats, and others have chosen RN for iOS and Android platforms.

Let’s dive into why you should consider using React Native for your next mobile app.

Easy Development

The RN application improvement is founded on a JavaScript structure. Thus making the whole progress of the engineers to turn into a knowledgeable versatile application designer from being a web designer is very simple.

Singular code base

The framework is written in JS and rendered with native code. This means your app will use the same native platform APIs would. 

The best aspect of starting mobile app development with React Native is that it gives developers an opportunity to write a single codebase. This runs on the most widely used platforms, iOS and Android. 

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Source: React Native

Since the company’s development of the React Native app has to write the code just once, it definitely saves a lot of time and effort during development. 

Hot Reloading

It comes with the innovative feature of Hot Reloading. This means a versatile mobile app organization can view the progressions they are basically making to the application on their screens continuously.

Strong, Open-Source Community

React Native has the best of both worlds: a prospering open-source venture with the support of a significant tech organization like Facebook. 

As the first maker of React Native, Facebook additionally stays focused on the system’s prosperity, which is a positive sign for its future turn of events. Facebook has utilized RN to construct its famous Marketplace item, Privacy Shortcuts and Crisis Response.

The open-source nature of RN pulls in supporters who are energetic about open-source programming. According to a survey conducted by Satista, RN is currently the most used framework by 42% of software developers.

Graph showing that React Native is the most used framework for cross-mobile app development in 2019 and 2020
Source: Statista


As this cross-platform system really permits designers to handily reuse the distinctive application segments for both the stages, the advancement cost to be managed by React Native app services is a very low cost.

As an open-source structure, RN is cost-free for all undertakings. Regardless of whether you are an individual or a business. In case you want to deliver both Android and iOS applications, utilizing React Native can cut your advancement costs almost down to half by saving your team from executing each element for both platforms independently.

RN is a well known tool, so discovering developers to work on it won’t be a difficult task. If you plan on outsourcing the development to a third party, you don’t need to pay the significant salaries of engineers with a more particular range of abilities and skill set.

In Conclusion…

The decision to consider using RN is an easy one mainly if you:

  • Want to have a lean team which can do both iOS & Android
  • Are on a budget and want to have both iOS & Android apps simultaneously.
  • Have internal web developers who want to make the transition to mobile development.
  • Work with React for your web application – This will allow you to repurpose most of the code for your mobile application in React Native.

Are you wondering whether React Native is a good tool for you? Feel free to connect with us for a quick discussion. We can help you pick the best solution based on your current business situation and prerequisites.


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